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As I wrote to you last month, we're digging out of hibernation for shows this Spring, and the shows continue into June here in Southern California.  We so enjoyed our early May mini-tour through two Central Valley towns and also the WAY cool Dylanfest in Torrance.  Thanks to Andy Hill and Renee Safier and Hard Rain for inviting us to play.  Also we send big thanks to Roy Donkin at Cambridge House Concerts and Fred and Sharon Munroe at Musica del Rio House Concerts for two spectacular evenings!

July has only one show this year, and it'll be a great one:  Our buddy Dan Schatz is coming through Los Angeles and will be with us for a great show at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena on Sunday, July 16.  Check this out on our Calendar page and make plans to join us!  An evening of Appalachia and new folk from Grammy nominated producer, folksinger and songwriter, Dan Schatz.  Visit the Coffee Gallery website at www.coffeegallery.com and click on "Schedule of Shows."  Call to reserve your seat as this listening room is small, and we want you there!
In other news:  we've been nominated for SEVEN Just Plain Folk Music Awards for 2017:  Our "Live at the Freight and Salvage" album and the latest studio album "Not That Kind of Girl" were both nominated in the Roots Album category, and four songs from those two albums, in Roots Song and Instrumental Roots song.  Judging will be underway soon and we're excited to see if we score!  More soon on that!

Happy Almost May Day Day! 

Hey Friends,

We're finally digging out of hibernation for shows this May here in So Cal, the Central Valley and one in Washington State. We're looking forward to seeing you all again and re-connecting with new songs and stories, new instrumentation and new ideas!  Come on out and join us if you're in the neighborhood!   Go over to our Calendar Page to checkout our tour schedule.  

Thanks to the FolkWorks audio/visual team for providing the new video from their festival last October.  We also have new video from the Coffee Gallery show last year on our YouTube Channel. Thanks to Mark Indictor for the fine editing and Pattie Van Over and Kris Van Over for the filming!  Go on over to our YouTube Channel and check them out!  http://www.youtube.com/susieglaze

See you soon, and for now, all my love,

Greetings, friends!

As I write this afternoon, the rain is finally making its way down to us here in Los Angeles, and I find it so fitting to settle down, become quiet, and write to you.  

I was gifted with a wonderful poem recently by my friend James Walker, Director of Music at All Saints Church, who quotes Rabbi Harold Kushner.  I share it with you because it seems so perfect for this day and these times:  

A Prayer For The World, Rabbi Harold Kushner

“Let the rain come and wash away
the ancient grudges, the bitter hatreds
held and nurtured over generations.
Let the rain wash away the memory
of the hurt, the neglect.

Then let the sun come out and
fill the sky with rainbows.
Let the warmth of the sun heal us
wherever we are broken.
Let it burn away the fog so that
we can see each other clearly.
So that we can see beyond labels,
beyond accents, gender or skin color.
Let the warmth and brightness
of the sun melt our selfishness.
So that we can share the joys and
feel the sorrows of our neighbors.
And let the light of the sun
be so strong that we will see all
people as our neighbors.

Let the earth, nourished by rain,
bring forth flowers
to surround us with beauty.
And let the mountains teach our hearts
to reach upward to heaven.


Amen indeed.  I am myself reaching for Heaven, each day, and I’ve been sad to be frustrated in this daily “try.”  There seem to be roadblocks with each new endeavor, and I wonder at times what it all means.  There are suggested ideas such as that this whole year was just a bad one, and given some big changes in our life, I feel that I could agree.  However, how must we move forward?  Find joy in small, everyday things perhaps?  Go inside and retreat?  Do unto others?  I think the answer is, do all of those things, as your heart guides you.  There IS laughter in the world, there IS joy, there IS love.  Those things will never die away, and in the hope that they once again dominate our thinking, I will press onward with what I know how to do:  let my heart breathe into music, give my soul in the making of art, and find beauty in all I do.  

The New Folk Ensemble is slowing down these days as we finished a spate of shows in the fall just past.  As I’ve written in these letters before, the band re-grouped in the summer to become the ensemble that we are now and have re-configured our goals for the future.  The goals are good ones in that we are forming new collaborations with great musicians and artists.  There are projects on the horizon, and we’re grateful.  

Look for more news of us as the New Year comes around.  We as always send you our love and appreciation for being our supporters and fans.  We cherish each and every one of you.  

To close for this time, I will again offer a poem, this time the words of a great Christmas song from my blessed friend, the great and late Jean Ritchie, “Wintergrace.”  My prayer is that we have the Wintergrace she speaks of, for ourselves, for others and for the world.  I so miss my dear Jean.  Bless her in Heaven, and all of you, too.

Merry Christmas,

With love from

(Jean Ritchie)

This is the time so well we love,
The time of all the year;
When winter calls with chilling breath,
For fireside and good cheer.

A time for man and beast to stand
And feel the season turn;
To watch the stars for secret signs,
And God's true lessons learn.

For the time...
  When the corn is all into the barn,
  The old cow's breath's a frosty wine
  And the morn along the fallow field
  Doth silver shine.

And when cold morning's radiant star
Shines over hill and plain;
We know anew that little Babe
Is born to us again.

And man and beast and bird in tree,
each one in his own place;
We bow our hearts and thank our God
For winter rest and grace.

For the time...
  When the corn is all into the barn,
  The old cow's breath's a frosty wine
  And the morn along the fallow field
  Doth silver shine.

Watch Jean sing "Wintergrace"  Here:   https://youtu.be/MvusiOLOHgA

New Verses ~ New Shows ~ Welcome Glenn Houston!  

Glenn Houston Joins The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble at McCabe's October 22!

Dear Friends,

Last month we wrote to you about our grand new partnerships with new players and THIS month we're in concert with these fine musicians. We have stellar shows coming up in October ~ new tunes, new arrangements ~ all so exciting!  

You know by now about our new name ~  The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble will make its debut as a performing quartet on Saturday, October 8 at the FolkWorks Folk and Roots Festival in Santa Monica.  If you're in the LA area, come out and support FolkWorks, a great organization and LA roots music publication that has been energetically and devotedly supporting folk music in Southern California for a long time! Lots of great talent on the bill, dance, workshops (I'm teaching singing!), jamming, folk films, craft vendors, silent auction and a beer and wine bar! Check it out on the left hand column and plan to join us!  Workshops begin at 10 a.m. and our set opens the main stage evening at 7:00 p.m.

New Partners ~ Glenn Houston

The great Glenn Houston, recently of the Bay area's Houston Jones Band, will be appearing with us at McCabe's on October 22!!  

Glenn Houston has been voted Best Guitarist by the Northern California Bluegrass Society, is a past judge of the National Flatpicking Guitar Championship Competition in Winfield, Kansas, and was the founding lead guitarist of the Waybacks, co-founder and long-time lead guitarist for Bammie (Bay Area Music Award) winners Hearts on Fire, and more recently co-founder and long-time lead guitarist for the powerhouse Americana quintet Houston Jones. Glenn has recently joined our ensemble for select shows and we couldn't be more excited to work with Glenn's phenomenal talent.  Join us at McCabe's and fill that wonderful room!
Buy tickets online at www.mccabes.com

The Good Intentions

U.K.'s Americana super group, The Good Intentions, are touring through California this month to support their new album "The Long Unbroken Line."  They join us at The Coffee Gallery on October 21, the albums' official release day, and will be joined by the wonderful Rick Shea, who did the producing honors on this great new record.  

The Good Intentions songs are centered around the original songwriting of Peter Davies, guitarist, and lead vocal, supported by harmony vocals from Gabrielle Monk, who also plays autoharp and accordion. Their songs have an old time feel with memorable tunes, clear harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and traditional instrumentation. 

Steve and I will debut our brand new duo tunes along with our friends sitting in:  Mark Indictor on fiddle and Fred Sanders on bass.  This concert will be filmed.  

We hope to continue this fruitful new collaboration with Peter and Gabi.  And if all goes well, we'll be off across the pond together next year!

Next month we'll be in concert with one of the most brilliant musicians on the planet, the incredible Joe Craven and his wonderful new trio The Sometimers.  Their new CD will also be with them at these shows.  

Check out ALL our show details on the CALENDAR page and plan to come out!  We want to see you at a show!


Dear Friends,

The other morning I walked outside and distinctly felt a difference in the air ~ that oh so subtle shift that comes with the very beginning of the season changing.  It was just a faint change ~ in light, the texture of the air ~ but knowing what it brings, this small change always represents something much larger on the way.  

We hope you've had a great summer.  When we last wrote to you in April we were preparing to travel to the great Merlefest music festival in early May.  The festival was a great experience!    We were so wonderfully taken care of there, and were so excited to be performing amongst some of the best musicians in the world.  

The news we bring this month is that, like the season, our band is evolving. Our lead guitarist and composer, Rob Carlson, has made the decision to leave performing and concentrate on songwriting, and his songs will continue to make up a large share of our repertoire. We've been re-grouping through the summer and some exciting things are taking place, mainly with new collaborations with brand new partners in music.  And in our soul-searching summer, we also realized that we wanted very much to change our name.  We wanted our name to reflect the folk-dominated sound we produce, music we love and are developing.  The Hilonesome Band will now be known as (drumroll!)......The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble.  I hope you like it because the new stationery is already at the printers!  :) 

The New Folk Ensemble will make its debut as a performing quartet on Saturday, October 8 at the FolkWorks Folk and Roots Festival in Santa Monica.  Come out and support FolkWorks, a wonderful organization that has been energetically and devotedly supporting folk music in Southern California for so long!  Lots of great talent on the bill, dance, workshops (I'm teaching singing!), jamming, folk films, craft vendors, silent auction and a beer and wine bar! Check it out and plan to join us!  You can find details on our Calendar Page.  

New Partners

As mentioned above, we've started work with several great musicians who are new to us, and we're cooking up some great shows and tours.  First to tell you about is our work with our friend Glenn Houston, formerly of the Bay area's Houston Jones Band.  Any of you who have heard and seen Glenn play will testify to the fact that he is a phenomenal talent!  Our debut show featuring Glenn will be at none other than the venerable McCabe's Guitar Shop on Saturday, October 22.

Find details on our Calendar page and look for news of more shows scheduled as we develop our new repertoire with Glenn. 

Next up is another very cool collaboration, this one with the U.K.'s Americana super group, The Good Intentions.  Steve and I are debuting as a duo for the first time ever, and we'll be joined by this great husband and wife duet.  Their work is centered around the original songwriting of Peter Davies, guitarist, and lead vocal, supported by harmony vocals from Gabrielle Monk, who also plays autoharp and accordion. Their songs have an old time feel with memorable tunes, clear harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and traditional instrumentation.  When we first played together last year we realized that our work was complimentary and so hatched an idea behind this perfect fit!  We're appearing with the Good Intentions at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena on Friday, October 21, and will debut this collaboration as a two-duo show (with help from a few local friends) that night!  Also, this will be a CD release concert for the Good Intentions so come get your brand new copy of their new record!  And if all goes well, we'll be off across the pond next year!

There are more collaborations on the way, including with our great friend and brilliant musician, Joe Craven, for two shows in November. We're looking forward to presenting with Joe for the first time, with his fabulous new trio, The Sometimers.







Thank you kind readers and fans for sticking with our group over the years.  Your support and fandom has meant the world.  You help me keep going!  Now let me thank you in person at a show!  Check out the shows on our Calendar Page and plan to join us! 


Happy Spring friends!

We're excited to be performing again at the wonderful Fiddler's Crossing up in Tehachapi this Saturday, April 9th! Hope all of you up in the mountains will come out to see us!  

Later this month we'll be flying out to North Carolina for our first time performing at one of the great

est music festivals in the country, Merlefest.  As part of the brilliant Doc Watson legacy, this festival boasts the best in Americana, Bluegrass and Country artists from all over the world.  We're thrilled to be a part of it this year, and we hope to make new friends and fans out there.  

After May 1 we'll be taking a summer hiatus and will return in mid-August for the Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival up in Tres Pinos, California.  More about that one soon.  

Please stay tuned, and thanks for reading! 

Happy Spring to you all!

Hello Friends,

Well here we are in a new year again, and the days are bringing us news of much sadness in the world of the arts and those we have lost.  It’s been a cruel month in that regard, but we hope that we can remember those who have been lost as inspirations for us to continue making art and giving it in loving community.

The band started the year off with a bang at the Sutter Creek Theatre on another great co-bill with the Houston Jones Band in one of their last shows together.  It was a great night in a packed house and lovely hosts.

We move on to share the last Houston Jones concert in February, this time at the Boathouse Concert Series in Oakland.  February 13 will be the last show played by Glenn Houston with the great band he co-founded with Travis Jones back now about 15 years ago.  We’ll sing them out and stand to honor them in what is now a sold-out house concert setting.  It will definitely be bittersweet.

We have some other great shows coming up this winter/spring, with our first foray with the San Diego Folk Music Heritage on March 5th.  Then I’m happy to be welcoming my good friend, Jean Ritchie son Jon Pickow to Los Angeles in mid-March as we offer up two shows with him and our trio, along with guest Joellen Lapidus on dulcimer.  April takes us back up to Fiddler’s Crossing in Tehachapi, one of our favorite places to play, and then the crown jewel of our calendar this year, we’re off to Merlefest in North Carolina at the end of April.  We can’t wait for that adventure.  

All of these shows are on our Calendar page.  I invite you to check them out and if you’re in the LA area come join us.  There’s more on the horizon, so if you’re not on our mailing list for newsletters please sign up here on the website.  You’ll see the box to do that electronically and you’ll get a newsletter about once a month from us.  

We wish all of you the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

Hey there Friends!

As I write, the band and I are truly excited to be getting out on the road again this month, back to two great venues we've loved in the past:  The Noe Valley Music Series in San Francisco (joining our friends Houston Jones on a great co-bill), and Rich Warren's FolkStage on WFMT Chicago, a venerable and highly-respected live radio broadcast which has been part of the Chicago traditional and folk music scene for many years. We're also adding one new concert location in Chicago, Two-Way Street Coffee House, which will welcome us as touring musicians the night before we hit the airwaves of WFMT.  

We've been developing new songs especially for the Chicago performances, by request from Rich ~  a fuller and deeper exploration of the Jean Ritchie canon, especially in how it relates to our new music by our resident composer Rob Carlson.  Jean has been inspiring us for many years, and now we get an opportunity to share her work along side of ours, pulling along the story-telling traditions and styles of her Appalachian roots.

If you're in the Chicago area, come join us at Two-Way Street, and if you're not, listen in live to the radio broadcast Saturday night on WFMT. Check our Calendar page for info on tuning in to the LIVE STREAM!  

"I celebrate Life!
I tangle my fingers in its long-haired grasses...with gladness.
I beat upon its breast with futility.
I lie across its loin with joy.
I give to it and take from it sweet juices of abundance with...pain and pleasure.
I replenish it with my tears and the vibrations...of my laughter.
Until it sweeps me off, I will not leave it,
This World, this Earth!
This Universe, this Time and Space!
This Chance at finding God!
This Life!"
                      ~ Jean Ritchie

May she fly on the wings of doves.



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