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" The band is tight, great picking, and beautiful vocals and harmony. "
Che Greenwood, KVMR, Nevada City, CA

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Blue Eyed Darlin'

Bluegrass Unlimited Reviews "Blue Eyed Darlin'"



"One of the most significant aspects of this latest Susie Glaze recording project is that it introduces the songwriting talents of bandmember Rob Carlson with such pieces as "Hurricane," "My Own Backyard," and "The River Road"...Susie is supported by her Hilonesome Band who augment her emotionally-charged vocal arrangements. "Blue Eyed Darlin'" is a wonderful collection of contemporary bluegrass music from an important voice on the California Bluegrass scene."

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Larry Wines' Review of Blue Eyed Darlin'


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Other Reviews for "Blue Eyed Darlin'"

"Blue Eyed Darlin’” is about artistry. It’s about the coming of age of a singer who shamefully has not attained national recognition yet . . . Her music captures your spirit like a master painting holds your gaze…The title song itself, from the pen of Rob Carlson (he wrote seven of the songs that appear here), sets a new standard for the “tear-jerker” type of song so popular among folk and country musicians. To quote Alice Gerrard, “There’s nothing like a sad song”… If you’ve been concerned that folk music is losing its heart, please understand this: the music itself cannot lose heart. Therefore, as long as there are artists like Susie Glaze performing it with heart, all will be well. Walk through “Blue Eyed Darlin’” a couple of times with Susie, and you’ll feel that truth deep in your soul."

--- Marvin O'Dell for ClassicHeartland.com

"Susie Glaze is an extraordinary singer who has taken her immense talents to a whole new level with "Blue Eyed Darlin.'" What unifies this eclectic folk-bluegrass collection is Ms. Glaze's gorgeous voice which emanates like a force of nature straight from the heart. There are seven original songs on the album which she inhabits so deeply they feel truly timeless. This is stark American music that is drawn from a primal well of love, loneliness, and yearning. It's quite simply a stunning piece of work that should be shared with your friends. And if your friends aren't knocked out by it, then it's probably time for new friends." 
-- Richard Dresser, Playwright

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