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" The wonderful thing to me is that when I hear your recording of any song of mine....I feel as though it is myself, singing...It cannot be sung better - differently, but never better... .with people like this to trust, my music will go on living, and soaring. And so will I. "
Jean Ritchie

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"Red Dirt Review" by Audra Elizabeth Yenny

Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band “Not That Kind of Girl”

Original Article

NORMAN, Okla. -- All the way from L.A., Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band’s Not That Kind of Girl feels right at home in Oklahoma’s music scene.  Being released June 2015, this Newgrass Americana Folk Fusion project pushes the band’s boundaries and gives listeners a diverse mix of music. 
The 12-track album has a big Celtic vibe but also touches of blues, jazz, old country, and bluegrass throughout.  It starts off with an instrumental piece, “Independence” that makes you wish you were in Ireland with a pint in your hand looking out over the countryside.
My favorite part about the album was the composition and collaboration of the different instruments. 
The music is intricate, but comes off natural and beautiful.    A combination of hand-picked covers and powerful originals, the album has a nice flow and makes for a good listen- it keeps the listener intrigued and on their toes.
Vocals vary from track to track, but Susie Glaze is the main vocalist.  Her voice is high, sounding very Celtic and old-time country (think Dolly Parton or Jean Ritchie).  The other four band members lend their vocals on different songs, with the fiddle player being the only without a lead vocal role. 
This close-knit group of musicians works together to support one another.  While the band is called Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band, this doesn’t come across as being one star with a back-up band- they are a team.
Lyrics range from traditional Irish ballads to light-hearted humor to sassy female-lead stories.  The band prides itself on the strength of their songwriting and ability to convey a feeling through their stories in song. 
As a whole, there is something very old about this album.  It evokes nostalgia while still remaining relevant to today’s music listeners.  I like old, and I like Celtic music, and found both in this album. 
You can get more information and hear the album on the bands webpage http://susieglaze.com .

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